EMI Sweden

EMI was founded back in 1931 and has a long and illustrious history as one of the most important and significant record labels of all time. In 2012 EMI and all of its then current artist roster were bought by Universal Music and in connection with the purchase, Universal Music chose to shut down the label. 8 years later, in 2020 EMI Sweden was relaunched and is today the home of artists such as Hov1, Björn Holmgren, BELL, Jakob Hellman & NOTD.

The EMI Team

Mikael Wadström

Head of EMI Sweden

Henrik Hansson

Marketing Director EMI Sweden

Tilda Hagald

Junior A&R Manager

Patricio ”Pato” Silva

Senior A&R Manager

Frida Bergh

Senior Project Manager

Lova Seidefors

Junior Project Manager